Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Organising and helpful little hands...

So I haven't really done so well with my crafting 365, I'm only 2 weeks in and have already lost 4 days!! I will try harder, promise!

I've mostly been organising and tidying my many crafty bits and pieces, to create an area that is easier to work in when I have such limited time.
This morning we've mostly been putting beads into saleable sets. I say we as I've had a little helper sat upon my knee, when I say helper I really mean distractor and chaos creator! Those little hands were very cute, until he swept a whole load of beads off the table and onto the floor. Oh how he laughed!! I have enough of a problem keeping the beads off the floor when using my own clumsy hands!

All that hard work really wore him out though...


  1. glad you are back to crafts! I love your new stuff :)


  2. hehehe! all of the beads look great all together! well done, i think only missing four days is fine!