Monday, 6 October 2008

Even more ninjas

This morning has mostly just been spent making Ninjas...I really should be unpacking our many possessions in order to make our house just a little more livable but hey ho...this was much more fun!
They will all be available in my shop at some point...some will definitely be making there way over there this afternoon.

So on with tidying and unpacking for me. Happy Monday x

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Hot Water at Last!

I have been terrible this week for keeping updated on my blog. And I had so much to share too.
We finally have hot water again!! It is wonderful, everytime I wash my hands I jump in surprise that this amazing thing is happening!

I did do a lot of crafting on Monday but have been pretty terrible at doing much of anything this week. Yesterday I was really unwell, woke up with a migraine, tried to sleep it off but was just sick all morning, managed to sleep most of the afternoon and Johnny made me some soup when he got home, but unfortunately that didn't last long either, however I'm feeling a million times better this morning and have already cleaned most of the house and made a start on baking some banana bread. Hopefully we're going on that shopping trip this afternoon that was promised to me last weekend, but I won't hold my breath.

As for crafting, I made some yummy magnet treats with polymer clay this week. All of which are already available in my shop.


And Fruit Pies....

Not much else to share today really. I hope to get onto making a lot more ninjas soon and also have a new interest in making soap, which I've been thinking about so much I've even begun dreaming about. I'm hoping I can find a shop in which to buy all the supplies I need, as I'm finding internet shopping for them a little daunting.
Anyways, happy weekend. xx