Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Crafting 365...

...so I've decided, I'm going to do it! I'm going to take the crafting 365 challenge! I'm going to do something crafty every single day for a whole year and document it here and on flickr.
OK so it may be a little foolish to think I can achieve something crafty every day whilst helping a little one grow from a 3 month old to a year and 3 month old, but I'm up for it! You may have to witness some very slow growing craft projects!

Here we go then....
crafting 1/365

lemon slice beads, made yesterday, I figure it'll be easier for me to work one day behind, giving me time to photograph the crafts etc...

You can see others taking part and those who have already gone through all 365 days on the crafting 365 flickr group.


  1. they look lovely...are you sure they are not yummy lemon sweets?

  2. cool! good luck with the challenge!

  3. wow wee, good luck, what a fantastic thing to do. I did the same with a sketch book once (must draw every day) my drawings got better and it was never just one drawing, I filled a suitcase full of sketch books m x