Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Dragon Fruit...

...whilst shopping at the weekend I came across a lovely looking dragon fruit. I am ashamed to say I have never tried one before! It was so beautiful I couldn't resist it!

We ate it last night and whilst looking at all those little black seeds I wondered to myself 'can you grow a dragon fruit?'. Johnny had already googled said fruit and informed me it was a cactus, so this morning I googled it again and discovered that yes indeed you can grow it from those lovely seeds.
So I picked some out from last nights remains and they are now planted and waiting to grow!! How exciting!

Click here to read the very helpful forum discussion in which I discovered the wonders of growing these little plants.

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  1. yep, i made the muffins on my tod, its a really simple recipe too, when i made these i used the cheap tomato soup,next time i think im going to make them with a more expenisive can!