Wednesday, 11 February 2009

New Ninjas...

I was pretty lazy most of yesterday, I did venture out into the very soggy, wet slush, to purchase some craft supplies and a few baby bits from charity shops, but after that I mostly did nothing!! So by the evening I was feeling pretty guilty and set my mind on some new ninjas for the shops.
I made a ninja keyring a while back, and it sold pretty quickly, then the customer who bought the first asked me to make her another for a friend, so I thought it was about time I made up some more.
Here they are...

And then something completely new that I've never made (well not with ninjas anyway).


They'll be for sale in all three of my shops later on today and hope to make some more ninjas of varying types later on today. xx


  1. Oh uv been so productive it makes me feel slack!...and these are very cute...a very clever design...

  2. I have to admit..these ninjas always give me a smile..They are so cute and happy looking to me.

  3. I love them!!! Those are the cutest ninjas ever!