Thursday, 12 February 2009

9 Weeks to go!!!

Yep that's right I became 31 weeks pregnant yesterday!!! Who'd of thought it...and everyone tells you "oh it flies by" doesn't! It has been a long old 31 weeks that's for sure, but now I'm down to single figures to go, it seems that it might actually be achievable! And I'm getting increasingly worried about not being even remotely ready for another person to come live in this house with us! My sister asked me if I had packed my hospital bag yesterday, when my answer was "I don't even have a bag to use yet let alone any thing to put in it" she gently reminded me that she went into labour at 32 weeks with her first! So off to the shops I go today, but before I do I would like to share a few pictures with you....

Here I am, bump in all it's squirming wiggling glory...

And some pictures of the very first quilt my Mum has ever made, as a gift for her very first Grandson, the brief that Johnny has for the baby's room is colourful, so she stuck to the rules...

I love it very much indeed and absolutely cannot wait for it to be proudly shown off in the baby's room, when we get round to creating this room! On that note I best get on with preparations. Happy Thursday xxx


  1. Congrats! I hope your labor is quick and easy.

  2. Yay, single digits! Cute bump ;) Best of luck to you!

  3. Best wishes to you! What an exciting time for all.

  4. You look adorable, good luck with the next few weeks and the quilt is beautiful. :)

  5. oh, how exciting!

    You look so elegant!!! :)