Thursday, 26 June 2008

Gardening adventures.

Despite being complete novices, not actually having a garden of our own and it being so late in the year, the weekend before last, we decided to start growing our own vegetables. To make things even more complicated we decided not to just go out and buy some ready to go plants, but instead to start the whole process from seed!! To any experienced gardeners this no doubt seems utterly ridiculous, but already we seem to have some progress.
The garden in the house we are staying in at the moment and all the gardens of the houses we've looked at so far in our hunt for a new home, are very small and courtyard style, mostly just squares of concrete or decking, so anything we do grow will need to do so in pots. I found this great and very inspiring book, which made us feel that maybe in wasn't so completely impossible.

Not ones to do things by halves, here is the extensive list of what we've planted so far...







Spring Onion


Almost of all of the seeds have sprouted and most of them have now been repotted in larger spaces. We've also cheated a little and purchased both a tomato plant and a basil plant.

It's very exciting watching it all flourish, I don't know if it will all work out as planned, but it's been fun and we'll just be a lot more clued up and ready to get on it earlier next year.

I shall keep you updated on our progress.

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