Saturday, 22 August 2009

Books and Bread...

I got some wonderful new books for my birthday (some as gifts from others and some as gifts from myself!)
'Totally Simple Food' by Jill Dupleix
'Apples for Jam' by Tessa Kiros
'Handmade' by Ros Badger and Elspeth Thompson
'The Creative Family' by Amanda Blake Soule (not pictured as it is currently residing on my bedside table)
I'm loving them much wonderful inspiration, some of which can be seen below.  
I made this white milk loaf from 'Apples for Jam' (I've wanted this book for such a very long time)...and for pretty much the first time in my bread making attempts it actually came out pretty well.
It was a little sweet because it has honey in it, so it was super delicious with jam (and I hate to admit it, chocolate spread) but next time I may experiment with skipping the honey, or only adding a very small amount.


  1. I love both bread and books. Any day that includes either or is a good one but a day with both, mm mmm good. Also, I covet the Soule book. It is on my Chapters wishlist...hopefully soon!

  2. Dear Vicki
    Thanks so much for mentioning our book, Homemade. I am glad you are enjoying it. Please be aware, though, should you try the scones recipe, that there is a typo in it, which is sadly rather critical: it says 300ml milk where it should say 30ml - big difference. The book is selling well, so we are hoping there will be a second edition where we can correct it. Happy reading - and cooking/making!
    x Elspeth