Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A piece of cake... most certainly not anything like how looking after myself and my precious little one has been these last 5 weeks!

Looking after Milo hasn't really been all that tough in itself (he is an incredibly good baby really) looking after myself has been far more challenging!! I've been (and still am) really unwell with one thing and another over these past weeks...the problem with being unwell when you're looking after a newborn is that you just don't have the time to get can't just go to bed for a couple of days and fix yourself a result everything just seems so much worse.

However Milo is sleeping soundly (a rare daytime occurrence, but I shouldn't complain as he sleeps so well at night now) and I accidentally found myself down the cake aisle in Marks and Spencers this afternoon (and may have got a little carried away) so I have a few precious moments to myself to enjoy a cup of coffee and much much cake!
Three pieces of cake may seem a little glutinous, but I'm not going to lie to you I probably will be going back for seconds!

Of course it is all worth it, especially when Milo gave us he first (definitely not wind) smiles yesterday and I get to kiss his super soft, sweet smelling head, every day!


  1. mmm cake!! hope you feel better soon!! awww first smile! how cute!

  2. hello! he's such a cutie! and yum, muffins!

  3. he's sooo sweet! and you are SO lucky for having him in your life :)