Monday, 9 March 2009

Buttons and Beanies...

Most of yesterday was spent, not sorting out the baby's room as planned, but instead, stitching up some oversized beanies to add to the stock for the new shop.

I intended on selling them last year, as I made up a couple for myself and kept getting asked where I got them from, but it just never really happened. So hopefully they'll still be successful this time round.
The buttons are for a custom order I received yesterday...the smaller ones I am going to make into hair clips.

Unfortunately I'm stuck in the house this morning whilst I await the delivery of our pushchair, which I missed on Friday, if I wasn't waiting I probably wouldn't have any desire to leave the house, but the fact that I'm stuck makes me feel like I really need to go into town and run some errands!!

I'll leave you with a little picture of me modelling the above mentioned beanies!



  1. you look so lovely!!

    When is the baby due?


  2. you look so cute! i loved being pregnant so i'm jealous!!

    love the beanie too.. the banner in the new shop looks gorgeous, i'll keep a lookout for when the beanies listed!!

    take care, linda x :)

  3. you're pregnant! Godd luck, i hope it all goes smoothly! and I love the embroidered houses!