Saturday, 29 November 2008

The postman did not come yesterday...

He did not bring me my black apple christmas cards, or my moo stickers and he most certainly did not bring me amelia's magazine. I know that is nearing christmas and I must learn to be patient with the postman...he probably is very busy, but one of the few things to do when you are stuck at home poorly sick is order things on the internet and wait for them to arrive. Plus I've been so busy internet shopping that I've kinda gotten used to a package (at least) everyday!

I suppose there is a plus side to all of this I did manage to produce these...

Something that probably wouldn't have happened had my lovely magazine arrived.
Anyhow enough of my moaning...I must be off got lots of parcels to post...hopefully the postman will be nicer and quicker with those than he has been with mine!
Don't forget it's buy one get one FREE in my shop all weekend.


  1. This is my first time visiting and i love it! I really like your buttons espcially Toadstall ones. n_n

  2. love these, going to bookmark them in my etsy shop for my mum who designs knitwear

  3. Very pretty and colorful buttons! Be patient your packages will arrive (I hate waiting too!).

  4. I love receiving packages in the mail too...hate when they're late!

    The bright side is...those buttons are gorgeous!!! Love 'em!

  5. Thses are such cute buttons! Adding them to my favorites :)